The small family business, specialized in the sale of material for lightweight construction, was founded by the brothers Luigi and Salvatore Marano in the early '90s. The small local in Via Squillace, in Arzano (NA), housed the offices and the warehouse of the company D.U. s.r.l.. From the simple business of resale of material for building finishes (drywall, false ceilings, vinyl flooring, adhesives and paints) to the willingness and ability to put in place the materials sold, the step was short: in 1998 it was established the MARANO SERVICE s.r.l, company’s registered office in Arzano (NA). The new production rapidly established itself in the building field becoming, in a short time, leader in the application of new building systems (walls and dry plaster, raised and vinyl floors). The company structures, gradually being implemented with technical staff with proven experience, began to specialize in other fields of construction. With the acquisition of the first big work orders, it occurred the expansion in the field of activities towards "heavy" building and mechanical and electrical systems. The increasingly expanded business structure and the need to diversify investments imposed an initial organizational restructuring. The MARANO SERVICE S.r.l. was endowed with the Quality System and expanded, in specific categories and classifications, the SOA certificate previously acquired. The D.U. Sistemi Costruttivi S.r.l. merged into the new company CENTRO SERVIZI E DISTRIBUZIONE S.r.l. The registered offices of the two companies, with the acquisition of suitable buildings, were transferred to Casoria (Naples). The initial project, begun in the early ‘90s, showed an economic and production growth, highly increasing . The company CENTRO SERVIZI E DISTRIBUZIONE S.r.l., already well established with points of sale in other regions of Italy, built and settled in new and modern structures in Campania.


The Marano Service s.r.l. expanded, however, its offices, modernized and equipped with the most modern comforts and technical equipment. In 2005, in the warehouses previously used by the company CENTRO SERVIZI E DISTRIBUZIONE, it was established the new company METALGYPSUM Ltd. that - with its forming machines is – still now, one of the first corporate reality in Campania for production of metal light sections for structures in plasterboard and false ceilings. The years 2006 and 2007 served to consolidate and establish their market positions with the acquisition of new and prestigious commissions. The year 2008 saw the expansion of the GRUPPO MARANO in the field of renewable energies, with the incorporation of the companies ECO WATT Ltd. and DACO s.r.l. respectively engaged in the exploitation of renewable solar and wind power, and in the real estate sector with the incorporation of the Companies REAL Ltd. and IMMOBILSEI s.r.l. . In 2009 it was incorporated the company FOODS BRASILIAN Ltd. that was immediately followed by the inauguration of the first restaurant CHURRA' in Pontecagnano (Salerno). The year 2010 saw the start of power generation of 1 MW photovoltaic field in Otricoli (VT), the inauguration of the second restaurant CHURRA' in Varcaturo (Naples) and the establishment of two new companies of distribution of material related to building material, the Company CONSIST Ltd. and MODULAR WALL Ltd., operating throughout the country. In 2011 it was inaugurated the third restaurant CHURRA', in Caserta, and the foundations were laid for the opening of a fourth restaurant, that in 2012, is opening in Naples.
The GROUP’s history continues over time preserving the fundamental principles that are always central to the philosophy of the Marano brothers.